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Hdt and mannitol: got my life back

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For what it is worth, I take a table spoon of mannitol and 2000 mg of thiamine per day. I have no idea what brings the improvement. It is spectacular so I have no intention to change the posologie to find out !

Also take little dose of modopar 3 times a day

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Way to go... And what combination do you credit your success to: Placebo (Mannitol, Thiamine), Nocebo (high-dose Madopar), Mannitol+low-dose Madopar, Mannitol+Thiamine, low-dose Madopar+Thiamine?

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Sid44elosam in reply to Resano

I would guess modopar + thiamine

But I do not really know. The best would be to stop thiamine and see what happens. But I don’t feel like doing that!!!😃

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GioCas in reply to Sid44elosam

A combination of two elements considered by Dr. Costantini to be synergistic; my humble advice: make a short video of walking, speaking and trembling if you have it; if you get a pull test in med. put it aside and watch it after each protocol change. It will remain an objective proof of comparison in case of doubt.

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Do you take them at the same time? Are you on any meds

No I am trying to scatter them during the dayModopar 100 at 8am ish, 1g B1 at 9 ish, mannitol at 9 also, modopar 50 at 1pm ish, 1G B1 at 3 PM, modopar 50 at 5 pm

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GioCas in reply to Smittybear7


in case you ask me:

no, they are two different things. Levodopa is taken at specific times as prescribed by the doctor. Vitamin B1 or thiamine when you want. My protocol is in my profilo.


Mannitol and Miralax (polyethylene glycol powdered mix laxitive) help me keep a little more regular.

What symptoms does mannitol help?Tremors, muscle rigidity, freezing

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Resano in reply to Smittybear7

Gut dysbiosis, muscle cramps, gait, arm swing, smell, among others according to the post-6 months Clinicrowd report.

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Smittybear7 in reply to Resano

Did it improve your symptoms?

How much do you take of the mannitol?

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Resano in reply to Smittybear7

Still new but one thing is sure: between one teaspoon and one tablespoon a day keeps that much talked of constipation away.

This is great Sid44elosam. Could you please tell us more about your journey and how Mannitol and B1 have improved your condition? Thanks!

To make it short, my last visit to the neurologist was rated at ‘0’ on a scale from’0’ to ‘4’. Thé one before that was 1 +. So the neurologist said ‘ whatever you do, carry on’. I would say the main improvements are : gait, stone face, voice, walking

Sounds good to me. I wouldn’t change a thing if it’s working for you. Brilliant!

Congratulations on your improvement! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it !

What were your symptoms before you started b1 and mannitol?I'm not on any meds yet. I have been diagnosed with Parkinsonism. I have tremors and muscle weakness on my dominant side. Struggle to get in and out of bed and the car,sometimes on and off the toilet. I have. limited use of my right hand so I do mostly everything with my left hand. I get cramping in my quadriceps when I sit and it then causes my big toe to lift up. That all resolves when I stand. I spend most of my time standing or laying down. MRI scheduled to determine if I have lumbar articular syndrome. I have degenerative arthritis..difficulty getting dressed I take omega3 D,NAC,vitamin d3,lipolic acid, co Q10,dopa plus, dha,vitamin c,multivitamins and minerals, mega Sporebiotic, magnesium, turmeric and b1. I am Afraid of side effects of pd meds. I am not sure what they will start me on. Any suggestions

I can only speak for myself of course. Main symptoms were stooped posture, dragging right foot, loss of my voice, expressionless face, fatigué, lors of sense of humour

Here you go

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