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Did you know that one? (Calcium)

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"Dairy products have been linked to a risk of developing Parkinson’s. Something in dairy products might negatively impact the oxidation levels in your brain, making symptoms more persistent. This effect was shown to be stronger in men than in women and not seen in those supplementing with calcium.

If you’re going to stop consuming dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt, you might want to consider a calcium supplement to make up for the loss of calcium in your diet. However, low calcium intake doesn’t necessarily equal poor bone health, as seen in countries with low dairy and calcium consumption.

Recent research suggests that a defect in how the body manages calcium ions (Ca2+), the form of calcium residing in bone, and also present in dairy, might be to blame for the progression of Parkinson’s disease."

From here:


N.b. It's not recent...

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One needs Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin D for strong bones.

PS. An occasional ice cream is always desirable. :)

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Xenos in reply to Despe

It is important to enjoy yourself. I even think it has a therapeutic value, especially in PD.

Selective reporting.

There is a substance in red meat and dairy which causes inflammation, which is more likely the cause of the problem, to the extent that there is one.

Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram explains new research on Neu5Gc, a sialic acid molecule found in meat and dairy, and how it may contribute to severe COVID-19 symptoms, inflammation, and certain chronic diseases and cancers.


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Xenos in reply to park_bear

Inflamation seems to play a central role in PD

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Despe in reply to park_bear


Animal protein helps seniors maintain muscle volume, especially PwP, plant protein doesn't.

Hubby doesn't use dairy products, he's replaced it with organic almond mild. However, we have Greek salads in which I add organic feta cheese made of goat milk.

MODERATION in everything we eat is the key to good health.

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park_bear in reply to Despe

The inflammation issue set forth in the video applies only to red meat and dairy, not fish or fowl.

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Despe in reply to park_bear

I am not a believer. Organic grass fed meat is what we buy and cook. Our serving size is about 2 oz. As I have written numerous times, I follow the rule I grew up with: MODERATION IN EVERYTHING.

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MarionP in reply to Despe

Definitely have to agree with you there, moderation.

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RBan in reply to MarionP

And taking it even further I wonder if the dairy and red meat inflammation is more because of the processing that’s been done to the milk, etc or the chemicals that’s been put into the animals etc. etc. So makes sense that organic, grass fed animal proteins would be much better for you

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Martink58 in reply to Despe

even 'moderation'

I haven’t consumed dairy for 38 years, after a dairy intolerance was identified. It hasn’t stopped me developing PD though it’s progression has been slow.

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Xenos in reply to Dap1948

Interresting, thank you.

I don’t buy the dairy link. Such are universally consumed food, surely means there should be many more pwp than there are. Milk is a Levodopa blocker, that’s for sure ‘though!

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Xenos in reply to Buckholt

Thank you for saving my cheese :-)

I just realized that after consuming my morning glass of milk, my balance got worse. So stopped all dairy product.

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alexask in reply to LauraYu

Personally I think my symptoms do get worse after consuming cream and milk. Cheese I seem to be ok with, and as it is low carb I am sticking to that.

I just cut out dairy a couple months ago. I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and dairy is not allowed. Dr Mark Hyman say milk is the perfect food...for a calf.

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MarionP in reply to Bolt_Upright

You could substitute with eggs, as long as you go easy on the sugars, egg is probably closer to the perfect food (except the concept itself is bogus, consider eating nothing but eggs for example). Anyway it's proteins in general taken within an hour or so, if it's a big dose of protein, before any levodopa medication which will cause problems absorbing the levodopa.

Could be due to the Vit A added to dairy products. Have you checked out Vit A toxicity? It can cause stiff man syndrome. It seems to me that ANY toxicity can contribute to PD.

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MarionP in reply to Redginger

Interesting, would like to know more about this idea of vitamin A causing stiff man and the mechanism of it if possible, do you have a direction to point or more info to share?

I gave up dairy since diagnosis in Feb because of Dr. Mischley’s research. I had already cut out milk but was still eating cheese and butter.

My friends recently brought over Brave Robot Ice Cream which is “vegan” but made with non-animal whey protein (created by micro flora). We are entering into a new world of foods where lines are blurred. Is the whey protein the issue with dairy? The ice cream is delicious BTW but is it really non-dairy?

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MarionP in reply to FawnLily

Good question and hope anybody with some knowledge on the subject would follow up or answer.

I am very selective about what I eat because of these breaking news reports about how various foods have a positive or negative affect on PD. I select positive reports that justify eating what I like to eat and disregard the rest. Live is too short, eat in moderation but dont deny yourself. If you search you will find that beer, donuts, hotdogs and those little peanuts that are all covered in sugar are actually very healthy. Trust me , denying yourself food you love does not make your life longer, it just feels that way.

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MarionP in reply to GymBag

"Still a man eats what he wants to eat and disregards the rest"

-Paul Simon

Ice cream is a diagnostic tool. If you don't need a shirt replacement after a cone - your meds are OK.

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GioCas in reply to ryzlot

True! Lol extra 😂


Xenos, in my opinion, calcium like magnesium is too important a mineral for the body and cellular enzymatic processes, as well as for detoxification and muscle relaxation. However, when supplemented with calcium and magnesium salts, a slightly acidic environment is required to be assimilated and give immediate benefits to the muscles. On the web you will find all calcium and magnesium based products that meet these acidity requirements. Here is a research on thiamine and calcium as antioxidants for lovers of the genre.



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Xenos in reply to GioCas

Thank you Gio. I do not take Mg nor Ca supplement for now, but I will now pay attention to this pH parameter if I do.

My 2 cents, maybe 3... calcium is a very abundant nutrient. It's difficult to become Ca deficient in this day and age. Even without dairy. Vitamin D3 is an important factor in Ca metabolism. Make sure you get enough sun! And weight bearing exercise improves bone density as well .

As for dairy, i heard from reliable sources that dairy was bad news. Nobody could say exactly why though. I thought the reason was lactose intolerance. Personally, I am not lactose intolerant , but just as an experiment, i quit eating all dairy for several weeks. The result was extremely positive, I lost weight and felt really really good! Eventually I let dairy creep back in to my life, just heavy cream in the coffee and some cheese, and I gained the weight back and I don't feel quite as good. It's a tough experiment, but I suggest that everyone try it for 2 weeks minimum and let me know how you do .

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Xenos in reply to bassofspades

Very good idea BassofSpades. Thanks.

Milk from cows is geared toward for the growth and development of calves. Our country has been somewhat brainwashed into believing we need to drink milk. There's plenty of calcium in certain vegetables and many vegan athletes who are maintaining their protein needs. Many of us are lactose intolerant too. I do eat ice cream through; can't resist it and can get away with some before it bothers me.

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