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Even more PD Art?

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My husbands latest art work. I’m amazed he still draws freehand, ink straight onto the paper, rare he makes a mistake as he can’t change it. My sons music is published and it’s one of my favourites called the Dawn Song

My husbands work is called ,Drawn from the Sea


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How absolutely brilliant, not just the draughting but the imagination behind it. Thank you so much for sharing this remarkable talent. Your son’s music is beautiful too. You must be so proud of them both. Sarah

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Zella23 in reply to Sarahlil

Very proud. He returned to drawing after many years dx with PD and after starting with his RedLight Hat. He suddenly got out his old drawing books and lots of new ones and off he went trying to take new angles on his drawings with the PC. Now has filled books full of drawings and it keeps him very busy.

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Sarahlil in reply to Zella23

That is very interesting, Zella. I have ordered a Redlight hat (hopefully arriving next week). I used to paint but seemed to have lost inspiration in the past year. It would be wonderful if it helped me back to a hobby that I enjoyed so much. As I am moving house I was thinking of ditching my art materials but now I shan’t. Fingers crossed.

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Godiv in reply to Sarahlil

Sarah, I started painting again probably within the last two months. I was better about consistently using the red light and now that I’ve slacked off a bit I feel kind of flat about the artwork. While I’m in my slack-off time I’m just doing patterns on rocks. And I’m in no way an artist like zella’s husband; I have no talent at drawing or painting anything but it’s still fun and the rocks are non-challenging. I also have these great little mini canvases that are fun to just To paint on and easy to because of their size.

Rock with pattern
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Godiv in reply to Godiv

Goofy stuff but fun.

Rock with pattern
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Zella23 in reply to Godiv

Love the patterns, what a great idea! Not sure it matters what type of art work you enjoy, being creative and getting pleasure sounds great to me.

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Godiv in reply to Zella23

Thank you!! Yep just do something!

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GioCas in reply to Godiv

Molto bello, !!! 🙏⭐️

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Godiv in reply to GioCas


No don’t ditch your Art materials. My husband has been drawing since a teenager and we still have the article in his school magazine! He definitely got more inspiration after about 5 weeks with the Red light hat! Too much of a coincidence but who minds. It keeps him absorbed for hours, helps with dexterity and mouse control too.

Good luck with your move, maybe your new house will give you inspiration! All the best with your Red light hat too. 🤞

That fills me with optimism and consequently brightens my day. I came to art quite late in life but now look at some of my pictures and think “did I really paint that”! I shall never have the amazing imagination (and humour) that your husband demonstrates but just to be able, once again, to do the odd daub that I felt was worth framing would be worth the cost of the coronet. I hope he continues to take solace in his extraordinary talent and that we can look forward to seeing more of it.

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GymBag in reply to Sarahlil

I am getting ready after at least 3 years since I made a painting. One painting sits waiting for me to finish it , but I probably will not. Too much fine detail that I no longer can do. That stopped me and I now realize that I miss it so I will try just color in oil. Dont throw away anything, change your style and let someone else put a frame on it.

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Sarahlil in reply to GymBag

I feel an art sub group coming on. Get out those brushes, Gymbag, and I shall too.

Anything that really helps is worth every penny! He had a few other samples of his art if you go on my profile. It helps me too knowing how much he loves it - I suppose it’s like meditation for him. I only wish I could draw like him! It’s so absorbing and he likes that others can share it with him. Let me know how you get on with the coronet. Think it’s the all singing and dancing one! He might go onto that one when his packs up. Lots of positive reports about red lights on this forum and google.

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Sarahlil in reply to Zella23

Thank you, Zella. I shall report back.

Thanks Zella, a truly wonderful work of art!

I like both the drawings and the music, they convey a great spiritual serenity to me by transporting me away from this disturbed world through the bridge of beauty created by this your work of art.

Thanks and congratulations to your husband and son.

Greeting from Italy.


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Zella23 in reply to GioCas

Thanks so much, how eloquently put. My husband often listens to music when he draws it’s calming and his tremor completely stops when he’s absorbed! There is website in the U.K. called parkinsonsart where my husband sent some of his art works. The man who runs it has PD and all artwork displayed is inspiring!

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GioCas in reply to Zella23


However, in my opinion what doesn't immediately transpire is the great work done by you in all directions. Don't say no, I know it is so!

Your love, your dedication motivated by a sense of duty is an example for all of us. We know that in this world motivated by money your work may seem inconceivable to a few, but because it travels a thousand miles above materialistic hell.

Brava Zella and thank you!


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Zella23 in reply to GioCas

GioYour post brought tears to my eyes, what very lovely comments you made, thank you 🙏

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GioCas in reply to Zella23

⭐️ 🙏

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!!!

Thanks once more !

My pleasure.

Wonderful and very calming. Very innspiring. 🙏

Many thanks 🙏

That’s lovely Zella.your menfolk are very talented!

They definitely are thanks 🙏

How wonderful! I love the whimsical creatures of the sea!

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Zella23 in reply to nsofka

Many thanks!

So beautiful! I love the talent from your husband and son! Thanks again for brightening my day, Christie

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Zella23 in reply to PalmSprings

Thanks, glad it made your day.

Wow! Amazing. I love his artwork of course and the music by your son is wonderful. This is just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for your comments, my pleasure.

You are bringing so much joy when you share your husbands and son’s collaboration here. It must bring that same joy to you seeing them working together. You are a great team.


Thank you. My son has been producing music since a small child and many are recorded so we listen to them a lot of the time. It just seemed to follow that many of his songs compliment my husbands art work. Choosing the music wasn’t easy as many of his songs would have been suitable. This one called the Dawn Song is one of my favourites and the lyrics just seemed to go.

Absolutely beautiful - the drawings and the music. It is so encouraging to see that your husband's symptoms seem to be much improved. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for your comments. The Art seems to give him such another dimension to his life. Instead of thinking about things he can no longer do he escapes to another place which completely absorbs him.

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