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Even more Art!

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Here is my husbands latest drawing video, with our son singing with one of his pieces of music in the background. It’s given my husband such a boost to find people’s response to what he calls his doodles, very positive.

Let the good days roll, and here’s to all our fellow artists on this forum who find comfort and escape in the creative Arts.


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That's so beautiful. I love your son's singing - it's very calming.

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Zella23 in reply to BootsOn

Many thanks we do too!

Awesome, mesmerizing, calming..visual .music experience.....

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Zella23 in reply to KERRINGTON

Many thanks, lovely comments.

Does your son have purchasable recordings ?

Yes he’s been recording music since he was a teenager and signed up to a music publishing company at age 18. He has since recorded with Just music and recently has been producing library music and has had quite a lot of pieces on programmes. He had a piece of music on Sex and the City. You can find two albums under his name Loner by Geoff Smith, also Western Sc Fi by loner. They are on Amazon and Spotify, and various other music companies.

His library music is published by Pedigree cuts, and is called the Dawn Songs by Geoff Smith and Elliot Ireland. Geoff is the writer and singer and Elliot produces the music. Available on Amazon and Spotify.

Thank you so much ! I'm going to look for it - his music is wonderful ❣️

It’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you. You must be feeling so much better as well.


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Zella23 in reply to gwendolinej

Yes much better thanks, 3 weeks after knee replacement, getting there. husband is less tired too!

Wow. Love the drawings, how inspiring a family you are, you must be so proud. Sons voice is haunting and wonderful. Again wow

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Zella23 in reply to alaynedellow

Many thanks we love listening to it too!

This is lovely. Very impressed.


Beautiful, what a talented family!

Thank you for your kind comments.

Another nice start to the day - what a talented bunch you are! Thank you for posting...

Thanks for your kind response, glad it was a nice start to the day for you.

Wow, that is really impressive - congratulations to your husband - it can be an inspiration for others for sure.

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Zella23 in reply to Spencer53

Thanks very much, he wanted to see if he could still draw with PD and his hand is tremor free when he does. If his drawings are inspirational to others then that’s lovely to hear.

What a way to start the day! Thanks for sharing. I love everything about the video. Bravo to your husbands escape and talent. What a way to be mindful and inspiring. Your son is incredibly talented as well. The apple never falls far from the tree. He obviously got his creative flair from his dad. I am a wildlife photographer, but photograph mainly birds, I would love to share my images if your husband could use any as an inspiration. My instagram is missymandel_photography if he wants to take peek :)

Many thanks for your lovely words. All our children are very creative and artistic in different ways. My husband would love to take a look at your photography, he especially likes drawing birds thank for sharing your Instagram account, and your thoughts.

I love this so much! The drawings are spectacular. I love the use of color. And that music! So pretty! Yall need a YouTube channel. I would watch everyone. I want that song and these "doodles" I need someone to illustrate my children's books. I love your husband's style.

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Zella23 in reply to Bluewater123

Thank you for those kind words.

Fabulous Zella. I just lay back, shut my eyes and was transported - thank you 🙏🏻

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Zella23 in reply to Wonky-Bride

You’re welcome.

Lovely, what a talented family! Thanks for sharing, I feel somehow much calmer!

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Zella23 in reply to PalmSprings

Thank you for those lovely words.

Wow! Your family is extremely talented. Thank you for sharing!

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Zella23 in reply to jimcaster

Thank you for your kind comments.

Fabulous! Both your husband and your son. Thank you for sharing with us.

My pleasure.

Absolutely beautiful!

The visuals and the music are so calming. Thanks for sharing 🌸

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Zella23 in reply to Jennyjenny2

My pleasure.

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