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Covid and Parkinson's Disease

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Ok..........covid made all of my PD symptom set worse 10%-35% worse........especially breathing...........cognitive...everything................and im long hauling at <48% lung left before covid............i cant even pick up a pillow with my right hand, go up a flight of stairs...............good luck ....wear a mask or be prepared for what you get and give......cheers. oh and slso my o2 sats dropped to 85 and now my toes are kind of......having holes in them, deep.........literally soak in h202 , iodine, everything, but poor circulation with diminished vital lung capacity..........yee hawwwwwwww....cold feet all the time.......

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So sorry for you. You must be strong to have survived.

A warning to be well heeded. Be careful all.

Beehive,Thank you for sharing - this must be really hard, glad you made it and hope you'll get complete recovery.

Very sorry to read of your struggles.

Praying for you.

Good Lord, Bless You Beehive... thank you for your insight and warning

Sorry to hear of your added problem. Keep fighting, never give up.

i appreciate all of yourkind comments but i assure you this post was designed to keep people aware i dont wish to illicit anything but awareness..... thank you all....."front line workers are the BEST"....from refuse service to Dr.! ....wear a dmn! mask................

Só sorry to hear about your added troubles. Beehive! Thanks for your enlightenment! Take care and stay safe! Have a most Happy 2021!

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beehive23 in reply to ddmagee1

cheers! upward and onward.......:)

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9Rafiki9 in reply to beehive23

Thank you so much Beehive, firstly for the example of courage which helps me to handle my modest problems, and secondly to reenforce the need to be EXTRA CAREFUL with masks, washing hands 10 times a day and desinfectent all day long...

Hope you feel better soon.🌻

I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you were doing. Thank you for the warning and best of luck to you.

I mean washing hands and use désinfectent all day long.

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Smittybear7 in reply to 9Rafiki9

Prayers coming for a quick recovery!

Thanks for sharing and I am glad you survived. It sounds like a terrible experience but you are indeed a trooper! I am quite concerned for so many people with pre-existing conditions like PD, cancer, MS, etc.

Hoping for better days!

Thx for sharing. My neuro said to avoid exposure if at all possible; that PDPs have a hard time bouncing back to their pre-virus “normal” after fighting COVID.

As a result I haven’t been to a gym for 9 months. Feel like a rusty hinge!

Hang in there!

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AaronS in reply to SELFMeder

I normally get seasonal bronchitis but this year it became pneumonia. I was doing really good with my PD symptoms management, actually to the point of seeing solid improvement of my diagnosis. Then came pneumonia for 3 -4 months and I made a full regression. Im now 3-4 months since and im still finding some things hard, I've lost strength mainly now but its slowly getting better. Your right in your reply tho bouncing back is very hard.

thank you!

Here's hoping you have a complete recovery!

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