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We cannot afford to be untruthful!

Take a look at this post regarding a fellow Parkinson's patient. What happened to her appeared to be outrageous. We could all be in her situation anytime.

However, later investigation apparently shows that the story is probably partially untruthful or at least inaccurate to say the least.

We cannot afford to be untrustworthy if we expect to get any empathy or sympathy from the general public.



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When I read that, I thought that, perhaps, especially with her inability to communicate, that a family member, or friend, or a hired aide, should have accompanied her on the trip. Trusting the airlines, these days, to take care of someone who can't communicate well, and is confined to a wheelchair, is a disaster waiting to happen. Too many variables can come into play, when flying, and transferring flights at airports. Perhaps that is the only way that her family could help her, so that she could attend a funeral. I have found that there is a lot of apathy, and an attitude of people not wanting to be bothered, by those with disabilities, here in the USA, in many cities. It is unfortunate; however, it is reality. Awareness for our cause, and advocacy does need to be encouraged!

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NRyan in reply to ddmagee1

Yes, I think the family made a very poor decision. My dad had PD and trouble communicating the last few years. I would never had put him on a flight by himself. I am glad the airlines didn't take the full rap. The family should be accountable.

It is not outrageous. What is outrageous is that her family would send her alone on a flight, expecting the airport and airline employees to fill in as caretakers and aides.

Parkinson’s Foundation gives free kits to PD patients to take with them to places where their deficit in communication skills might be a factor.....such as hospitals. And that about the only place a PD patient should go alone. Even then, there are cards and stickers in the kit explaining that the patient has PD and needs special attention by nursing and yes, even doctor staff.

The ‘outrageous’ story apparently wasn’t even true with regard to the time.

Sadly, looks like the story was not entirely true:. nypost.com/2018/12/04/ameri...