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Parkinson's disease: we don't have a cure yet but treatments have come a long way

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Really? It seems to me that official treatments are pretty much stuck in time. It’s members of the Parkinson’s community that are coming up with new ideas

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The article is about progress since the 1800s.

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Improvements since the 1800s isn’t really a surprise! I think most people are more interested in actual progress in the last decade or two compared to improvements made in treating cancers and other chronic conditions. I don’t think the record is that good actually.

Well, I can say for sure that the person that wrote the article does not have Parkinson's. The one comment at the end of that article, we've been found by the person that can cure Parkinson's. How about that.

Me: I’ve got a bit worse over the last 6 monthsDoc: Take some more Madopar then

Come a long way? Thousands of years ago the malady was treated treated with mucuna pruriens which contains levodopa. Now it's 2021 and levodopa is standard treatment.

Perhaps we've come a long way but we've been going in circles.

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