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Mild regression: is it B1 or COVID

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Hello everyone,

Ten days ago, I got COVID, with mild symptoms. At the time, I had started B1 , still ramping up the dose, with quite some success. In particular I had observed with great surprise and satisfaction how the tremor in my left hand had improved . It was mild on day 1 with COVID symptoms.- so was my usual rigidity and I was just at 1200 mg of B1. I do remember that 2 or 3 days later I thought how great it was that my tremor was weak. I decided to increase the dose to 1500 mg. Two days later, on day 5 of COVID symptoms, my tremor and rigidity worsened, it was back to what it was before it had improved with B1. I am trying to figure out what to do. As I had stopped exercising I restarted with energy on day 7, thinking this too could be the cause of my tremor worsening. But I am a bit nervous about the B1 and wanted to ask if you have some experience to share. I am trying to go back to work so this is really important for me.

13 Replies
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In my experience the tremor is not controlled by the b1, but only reduced. Tremor is regulated by Ldopa and its assimilation. I too have had Covid and like the flu it has always increased my tremor, even by a lot, then always returned to normal. In these cases, a good protein-free diet helps me with a little magnesium carbonate in the evening for a lazy intestine and everything else.

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enjoy2013 in reply to Gioc

Thank you, I will be patient.

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In my experience I agree, tremor IS controlled by LDopa. Dr C advised me that B1 improved other symptoms, not tremors. But hey, if it works great. I find that CR works better for me with protein (timing of course) than IR. since CR takes longer to take effect, as PB quoted, I eat when I dose with CR. Works for me.

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HWP and both had covid twice, before vax available and then omicrom. Both times he had much worse fatigue for about six weeks. Second time he had more muscle stiffness for a few months, slightly increased C/L, titrating back to orginal dose. MD said very typical, our Covid was very mild, slight fever one day, I had more of a lingering cough than him. I also read this can happen with a Flu etc. Interestingly we had our antibodies test, MD said for our test anything over 10 was good. I was 37 he was 443! Crazy difference I think he must have put up a stronger immune reaction than he thought.

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You are experiencing overdose symptoms in that, if you were seeing some improvements at 1,200mg, the rule is to stay there. When you increased to 1,500mg symptoms worsened. Take a short break. One week should do it, and restart back where you saw progress. Have you got my book? “Parkinsons and the B1 Therapy”. Available on Amazon. Everything about the therapy is clearly explained. It should answer all your questions and many you hadn’t thought of asking!

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enjoy2013 in reply to Dap1948

Thanks. I just feel there were several confounding factors. I'll wait for a week and if it doesn't disappeared I'll take a week of B1 holiday.

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Trailing in reply to Dap1948

I plan to get your book as soon as I get enough in my amazon cart to get free shipping. In the past my husband (he has Parkinson's) and I looked into this and bought bulk B1 but were not certain how to proceed. He is presently doing well with only taking whole Mucuna Puriens Seed Powder along with Restore Gold and many other supplements. Can you tell me what improvements a Parkinson's patient might see as a result of high dose B1?

It is very frustrating not being able to have a neurologist that will work with you. We recently went to a new neurologist because Dave seemed to be getting worse and were hoping to find a doctor to work with us. But he hadn't even heard of Mucuna Puriens. It was a waste of time except he verified the Parkinson's. When we got home we decided to up Dave's dosage of the Mucuna and it made a big improvement on his Parkinson's symptoms.

I hate playing doctor as I feel totally responsible so this blog has been a lot of encouragement for me. He has never taken any of the Parkinson's recommended drugs.

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Dap1948 in reply to Trailing

This is taken from the book's appendices and comprises a list of improvements people have had through the B1 therapy. I think it might answer your questions!

Symptom improvements when using B1

Members of the Parkinson’s forum, ‘Cure Parkinson’s’ on, who were using the B1 therapy, were asked to list any improvements they had noticed. These are some of the symptom improvements mentioned which are gathered under headings.

Non-motor symptoms


Anxiety reduced or eliminated

Depression reduced or eliminated

Hope for the future improved

Frustration much reduced

Mood improved and mood swings reduced

Willingness to socialise returned

Hopelessness reversed

Apathy reduced or eliminated

Cognitive ability

Brain fog/focus/clarity improved up to 100%

Concentration improved

Improved memory

A return of lost creativity

Sense of smell

Ability to taste and smell returned


Improved sleep both in length and quality

Bodily functions

Improvement in gut problems

Urinary incontinence and urgency down to as low as zero

Constipation significantly reduced or eliminated


Fatigue reduced, energy levels increased, endurance improved

Ability to do things after work instead of going home and having to go to bed

Quicker recovery from hard workouts and aerobic exercise


Pain in all areas, neck, back, arms, legs, feet etc reduced or eliminated

Motor symptoms


Gait improved, arm swing returned and shuffling reduced

Ability to do without a walker or cane/walking stick

Walking speed increased with stability and ability to go greater distances

Strength in legs improved

Dragging of feet and legs reduced

Going from not being able to walk, to being able to walk.

Stooped posture improved

Postural instability

Balance and stability much improved

Push test improvements to a quicker balance response

No longer need to grab onto things to maintain balance


Handwriting/typing/mouse usage increased in speed

Using hands to do things not previously possible

Easier to snap fingers once more

Clapping possible again

Hand strength improved

Movement in general

Bradykinesia/slow motion reduced or eliminated

Movements more fluid

Easier turning in bed

Getting in and out of bed is easier

Able to rise from a seated position unassisted and easily

Able to use stairs normally again

Freezing reduced or eliminated

Flexibility improved

Improved co-ordination


Reduced stiffness

Smiling right up to the eyes again

Masked face normalised

Ability to exercise with greater ease

Dystonia reduced or eliminated

Toe curling reduced


Tremor of hands, arms, legs, fingers, toes, feet, head, mouth and jaw reduced to as low as zero.

Twitching reduced or eliminated.

Dyskinesia reduced as low as zero

Voice and swallowing

Improved voice volume, projection, and clarity

Improved swallowing ability and confidence

Drooling reduced or eliminated


Hallucinations reduced or eliminated

Muscle cramps reduced


Significant slowing or halting of disease progression

On time increased, off time decreased.

Improvement to a state better than when originally diagnosed.

Being able to continue working instead of being forced to retire.

Reduction in inflammation

A general feeling of well being

Reduced dosage of Parkinson’s medication

Feeling as though you now have a future to look forward to rather than declining health and abilities.

An ability to sometimes forget that you have Parkinson’s

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Dap1948 in reply to Trailing

The section was formatted under headings and subheadings which disappeared when I pressed 'reply'. It doesn't make so much sense now! Hopefully you will get the idea!

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Trying again to get the link to work. If it doesn’t you may have to cut and paste or search Amazon!

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enjoy2013 in reply to Dap1948

Thank you!

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Are you taking C/L with the b1?

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Yes I am taking ldopa for at least 5 years

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