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Panic Attacks (Newly Diagnosed) Help

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My name is Cathy, I'm 69 and just diagnosed on 6/29/2018. I suspect I have had Parkinson's for at least 2 years. I'm an older single mom of a 17 year old girl. She is my joy. I've been on Carb/Levo, 25-100mg... starting with 1/2 tab every 3 hrs. for the first week. The first dose I took eased all my tremors within 30 min. I thought this was going to be okay. Today is Tuesday and I've taken my meds faithfully. But, this evening I experienced several panic attacks. I took my last dose at 4pm and within 3-4 hours after I took my last dose, sweating, shaking, mild nausea, and extreme fear swept over me twice in about an hours time. Of course I have worries about what's happening to me; and I'm especially trying not to frighten my daughter. My last few days on these meds have been a roller coaster. I feel emtionally okay, and then I'll take sudden dives into despair. Is this the typical experience to expect from this medication?

thank you

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Ciao from Italy. Ive been diagnosed 3 months ago. Panics attacks got me for the First two months. And im taking no medications. I think is beeing human that gives you panic attacks.

Hi Cathy

So sorry to hear about your attacks. When I first started sinimet, I found in a very short time my mood change, anxious, depression and anger.I work in mental health so realised it wasn’t me.I called my PD nurse and she changed it to Madapar.What a complete difference , don’t let this go on, get advice , maybe it’s just the wrong type for you.Good Luck Hun x

No, it's not typical. Spend the next few weeks doing research on this forum. You've got your whole life to take drugs.

Are you taking an immediate release version of C/L? Such are often prescribed by default. IF so, try a controlled release/ extended release version instead.

Thank you. I will request that option when I call my neurologist. I feel safer today than I did yesterday. I was so fearful last night, that I slept with Parkinson's Movement on my computer screen all night. I was relieved to see responses to my question (Call for help). I know now I'm really not alone.

Thank you again,


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You're not alone x We're all in this together. Thinking of you

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Thank you... 🙂

Hello. Panic overwhelms me at times too. I try to deal with it by having a ritual, a series of things i do to let calm surround me. I keep a fragrance that i love, (usually lavendar, almond or vanilla), music (or the sound of waves or rain), and a cotton blanket handy. I practice breathing slowly and quiet my scary, unwelcome thoughts. A ritual can be anything that calms you. I have an episode of Nero Wolf on a dvd that i have watched about 25 times because i like the music and the colors. The familiarity calms me. I hope you can create a ritual that gives you peace.

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This is good advice. I need to make a safe space like that. Thank you.

I had high anxiety for years which felt pretty much like one long panic attack. It was resolved when i started on dr Marty Hinz's Amino acid protocol. This includes 5-,htp which is a precursor to serotonin. Dopamine is not the only neurotransmitter that is out of balance in pd. Serotonin, gaba, melatonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline are all out of whack. You could try a little 5-htp and see how it goes. I get mine on Amazon. Deep breathing sometimes is not enough.

Thank you!

Hi, my husband suffered from panic attacks (very unlike him) when he was first diagnosed with PD. Doc gave him Ativan which put him to sleep, at work! He had a sleep disorder as well, so kind of tricky. Eventually they just went away, but I remember how scared he was. Sorry my advice isn't great. The jury is still out on this, but I think anxiety is part of the disease process rather than created by meds. Just my humble opinion.

Prozac is helping me greatly (in addition to Sinemet) but I have also been referred to a clinical psychologist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. First appointment next week.

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