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Head itching

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Does anyone know whether head itching is a PD symptom? My head itches especially when I go to sleep. I see no dandruff and use dandruff shampoo. I went to the dermatologist who gave me a special shampoo with no change in itching. Can it be reaction to neupro parch? I stopped the neupro which helped a bit but still have minor itching. Thanks you all

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I have horrible head itching sometimes, not necessarily at night, but just out of the blue. I've been on Sinemet for about 9 years. I'm not sure if it has to do with PD, but there has been others on this site that have mentioned it.

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Thanks for the information. I think it's related as well.

My head itches if I take certain medication. For my father it was eating cheese

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I think my head itching is because of requip. It's been getting less as I've been trying to wean off of it.

Try apple cider vinegar. I used it as a rinse after shampooing - mixed 50:50 with water. It smells when you put it on but didn't after my hair dried. It also makes your hair soft. This website has more information and options for using:


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I itch all over, head, eyes, in particular. Always have felt I have an allergy to Sinemet CR but no confirmation. My friend has the same problem.

My skin has changed radically, now dry and itchy and getting more and more difficult to moisturize. Just putting up with it as no alternative.

Was the patch helping with yout PD ?

Oodly I have head itching from Fibro/or from meds. Don't know which. Also itching on ankles, feet and hands to where blood vessels break. Allergy med helps at night along with cream Dr. prescribed. Hubby with PD doesn't have the itching.

I am not suggesting that you should buy my book but merely bring your attention to the fact that in that book I mention this a a possible symptom of Pd. I have had this problem for more years than I can remember. I was diagnosed in 1992 and I am not sure if I did not have this problem even then.

I went through all the tests and procedures to overcome the itch, which only seems to happen when I am tired or when I have just woken up and can't get back to sleep again. It is, in my opinion a nervous problem. I can scratch the place I itch as long as I like without any effect.

Perhaps you can share your experience with me, either on this website or directly on my website. See my profile for details

Yes, and it drives me NUTS. All day long, no problem. Then I get in bed and the itching begins!

I have had the same problem going on 5 years or maybe more! After following the Derm. advice with special non perfumed pure soap and special shampoo which seemed to help but never cure, I am questioning a reaction to the drugs (duh) resulting in more of a toxic sweat. My Urine is quite dark and strong (so i'm told). Anyone else want to weigh in on this thought?

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Thank you for your response. What does help is shampooing every day with the anti-dandruff shampoo and rinsing with vinegar. But I find I have to shampoo every day in order not to have itchy scalp.

Agree with that one. It does help....but I've never been one who could function without a morning shower!

Pelley, I am more concerned about what you said concerning dark urine. That is something you should investigate with your internal medicine doctor. Often times when you are focused on one disease you neglect more urgent things in your body. So take care of your health.

My scalp itches much of the time, and it's not due to medications or dandruff, by process of elimination, I believe it is just another nasty sympton of pd.

I am coming to that conclusion. Many respondents to my post bears that out.

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