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Unbearable pain and rock hard neck muscles

Hello again CAC-

I’m 31 and I have psoriatic arthritis, Psoriatic Spondylitis, fibro and chronic headaches/migraines. I am no stranger to excruciating pain, flares, and headaches, but today I have had the worst pain I’ve ever had outside of a flare.

One of the most painful areas for me (I have to emphasis ONE of...) is my neck, especially where the muscles meets bone. My TMJ is swollen and my neck muscles are ROCK hard. I deal with this ALL the time, but I guess because my pain is so excruciating today, the neck inflammation seems even more unbearable. Does anyone else deal with this...severe neck pain (especially at the intersections of bone and muscle) and/or muscles that get ROCK hard?

Any suggestions about what you do in this situation that offers relief would be much appreciated; hearing others’ experiences with a parallel situation would offer some solace right now as well. Thank you all.

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Hi- have a RA and degenerative disc disease on my spine and neck. I’ve found that massage and acupuncture work well. If you have the financial means to do one of those you may find some relief. Alternating heat/cold may give you some relief as well. Keep fighting the fight! You can handle this... prayers/good vibes coming your way!


Yes I have OA in my neck and used to get a lot of muscular pain and stiffness.

So, I started to do some exercises for my neck.. versusarthritis.org/about-a...

They worked wonders for me. I also began taking turmeric and black pepper capsules which have helped big time with the pain..( can't be taken if you are on blood thinners)..

Maybe they could help you, might be worth a try.

Message me anytime a all.

Take care.

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