The rheumatologist I was going to has serious God complex and is HORRIBLE! He got mad that I followed the ER doc's order to stop plaquenil during a shingles outbreak. His response " Is he treating your autoimmune diseases too? Mayeb he should keep going. " The plaquenil was stealing my sight and I told him that. He refused to believe me although I have documentation from an opthalmologist. So I have been self medicationg for the last 2 months with steroids until the 21st of this month to see a new rheum!

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  • Utterly disgusted at your rheumatologist!! How dare he!

    Thankfully you'll be seeing a new rheumatologist soon. (Notice I wrote "seeing")

    Onwards and Upwards for you now!!

  • I cant believe how rude that dr is...i would change also..good luck

  • Wow, what a jerk! Thank goodness you are going to a new Rheumy soon. I can't believe he would say that and not believe you about your eye sight becoming an issue. Especially since that is one of the main serious side effects to watch for, shame on that doctor. You should leave some reviews on this doctor on sites like Health Grades, Vitals and Yelp.

    I hope everything goes much better with the new doc and let us know how it goes. Good luck on your journey. 🙏😌 -Jen

  • And he won't let me have my xray reports or labs!! Because HE ordered them, but I PAID for them!! I blew up Facebook and Twitter about him.

  • Report him to your State Medical Board. Accountability is important. By doing that you may pay it forward to another patient. Glad you are moving on and hope u get better fast.

  • That is actually illegal. They are your medical records & while you may have to pay a nominal fee for the office to process the records, it is your legal right to obtain them. He should be reported to the meducal board. So sorry that on top of all your symptoms you have to deal with this!

  • Those reports & X-rays belong to you not him. Those are your medical records & should follow you wherever you choose to go. You need to go back to that office & demand that you get them. Call the state medical board in your state & report him. Tell him you'll do that if he doesn't give them to you. You can also have the new rheumy request them from him also. Let this Dr deal with him.

  • Wow - That is horrible all right.. Generally doctors don't countermand each other, but to take it out on you is totally unfair. I HAVE noticed however, that some of the rheumatologists (and actually other specialists too), are very arrogant, so that is probably why he was treating you that way.

    Good luck keeping things under control for a little longer, and good luck with the new doc...

  • The doctor has to give you a copy of all your medical records. He can not with hold them from you, it's illegal. It falls under patient rights and Hipaa. So just go in and say I'd like to sign for a copy of my medical records to include physicians notes, labs, and X-rays. If he refuses then let him know you will be calling the medical board for your state. I'm a nurse and there are many doctors like that. I'm changing physicians because mine wouldn't even see me when I was sick from the methotrexate. He just said then stop taking it. I was like OK and then what? My family physician is awesome. He picked out my new rheumatologist because he knows he is good. I hope you get a good one this time. Good luck.

  • Good for you! Nothing worse than an arrogant doctor. By not honoring your experience and input, some are successful in bullying and will shut down your involvement in treatment plan. Glad you made a switch. We need to be heard and not made to second guess what your body is telling you.. best of luck to you!

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