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Cimzia Question

Hello, I am Travis,134th.

I had my loading dose of Cimzia

Feb.7th and my pain has dramatically decreased.

My question is other than the chance of the pain returning is there any other issues if I stopped the injections

after a couple of months?

Thank you,


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If it is helping why stop? If you need that's a different story, but I had to and my pain came back worst than ever, and five months of on and off later it's still not doing to. I'm wondering if I was off too long and need a new loading dose....so, please if it's working always check with rheum before going off meds.

Now, I have had one rheumy in the past tell me that after years he has taken patients off of their biologic and they didn't seem to need it anymore.

I have a td factor in the 3500's so I'm not messing with it. I was diagnosed at 29.

So happy you found something that works!

If the injunctions you hate, I do too. Take them out of fridge a good hour before. It really makes them hurt less.


Thank you for your reply.

It is more helpful to me more than you will ever know.

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Not a problem. It's all a bit much. I can say you get used to it; but not really. At Least for me. But I have found my miracle yet. Best of luck and remember these doctors are employed by you! So if your not getting what you need fire them! It's hard for mentonsaybthat because I drive two hours for mine but I still keep searching for the right doctor.

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Never give up! Keep trying.


Yes... what you were going through will not go into remission in a couple of months, even if you were at the beginning of the disease course. So, what will happen is that everything will pick back up where you left off and that will most likely lead to joint damage, and you will have to start over. Please involve your physician before making a change that major.. Also, some medications have a phase out requirement (I don't know about yours) and you don't want to go around that step down process.


The pain and progression of RA will continue I think??!! Is Cimzia a biologic?

Do you have RA or something else???

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I do have rheumatoid arthritis. No fun

I think Cimzia is a biologic. Check with your pharmacist.

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well without too many flares.

Take care! Gentle hugs


Yes cimzia is a biologic


I thought I was having a second flare up of Polymyalgia Rheumatic which had gone into remission 12 years ago. But my rheumatologist says my inflammation is a result of mild inflammation shown on my colonoscopy even thought I was not having any other symptoms of ulcerative colitis which I have had for 30 years.

Thanks so much for your reply.


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