Hello. I'm 50, been suffering from RA,OA and Lupus , Fibromyalgia for approximately 8 years but just diagnosed in April . Been experiencing rapid decline for the last 4 years and had no treatment due to no insurance . Now there are more "bad days" than good ones . Doctors just keep passing me around with not much intervention . Sorry for being so negative , but there is no quality of life right now . My 20 year old son stayed with me this weekend because I fell. I never wanted him to see me like this . I raised 4 kids alone working 3 jobs. Now can barely sit, walk or move. Advice appreciated . Thank you .

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  • Look at dietary solutions. they cost nothing and may put you on the road to solving all your health problems. eg remove dairy gluten meat fish oils. replace with lots of green veg.

    Top of that list is remove dairy.

  • I agree with andyswarbs! Ginger and tumeric have helped me a lot. I still have pain, but not on the level it was. Cut back all you can on processed foods. Sugar and gluten increase inflammation, so avoid them. There will not be a change over night so don't be discouraged. Give it a month or 2. Most physicians won't help you if you don't take the Pharm meds. But the holistic approach has helped me the most. And check out essential oils. Make sure they're 100% therapeutic tho. Food grade doesn't do the job. I hope you can find some relief. Keep fighting!

  • Also, if you have no bleeding problems, try adding a high dose of fish oil (omega fatty acids). I take 3 capsules of 1000mg per day. Choose a reputable brand with at least300mg of the actual omega 3 portion per capsule (the active omega 3 epa and dha). My ophthalmologist recommended this and it is the only "natural" remedy besides a good diet that has helped me.

  • Find your nearest "teaching hospital" and make an appointment to see a rheumatologist. That's what I would do.

  • I guess I forgot to mention I eat clean and lean. Doc told me to cut back on the fish oil as it was raising my level of O3 too high. No sugar, meat , night shade or processed foods. I do consume Organic drug free dairy products as I developed osteoporosis from being Vegan. Trying my best and starving and grumpy. Pain and this lack of quality of life isn't working for me. Turmeric has had no effect on my pain whatsoever and haven't noticed any improvement from the other supplements. Just released from the hospital from severe electrolyte imbalance. UGH!

  • I love visiting your beautiful country, but I am glad that I am Canadian. I just don't understand why the USA, a 1st world country, does not have a free National Healthcare system. Everyone, rich or poor should have access to healthcare... so sad.

    My cousin and his family live in Seattle and they use a system called Needymeds. Needymeds heips him and his wife with the costs of medical care.

    I hope this can help you too.

    Your Canadian friend,


  • Try taking vitamin E 400iu

    It might sound dumb but it helps my pain. Take biotin gel caps.

  • Thanks for the advice but have already been on those for 6 years .

  • I have RA and periferal neuropathy. The RA also attacks my lungs. I had walking pneumonia a couple times a year, I got a pneumonia shot and a pertussis shot which has help with my walking pneumonia. I know weather changes can bring on pain. I bike and go for walks which helps with pain. There are days when I am very tired and know ambition to do anything.

    I take probiotics, I'm on Xeljanz only (1 tablet twice a day). I was on leflunamide as well but it made my neuropathy worse.

    Yes the pain is a bummer. When I was working, the stress didn't help. I'm on an antidepressant, it helps me a lot. I am not at ideal weight, so I work at loosing weight and with the swelling I get it's hard to feel like I'm getting anywhere. All said and done, I still deal with pain, most days are almost all pain free but the nights make up for it. I am glad to have this RA compared to so many other illnesses people get. I try to think positive, go for massages and to the chiropractor. I am retired so I'm able to relax a lot more than working people.

    I know all RA people have all different symptoms but finding even the simple and small ways to make yourself happy even when in pain helps. You are not alone in the fight.

    Please let me know if you find other ways to releave pain. I have also gone for PT. I also plan on trying water excersing. The arthritis foundation might have more ideas as well.

    Take care❤️

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