The Great RA Forum - 20/08/2016

The Great RA Forum - 20/08/2016

Attended the RA forum here today. It was a great forum for the local RA patients to get to know each other and to support each other in future. I was invited to share my experience in the forum and I have signed up as one of the volunteer of the support group.

Our rheumatologist gave us a simple briefing on what RA is all about. Many questions and answers were exchanged during the Q&A session.

The physiotherapist team, one standing and the other sitting in blue uniform, showed us how to do the dance exercise. As you can see in the photo, those who could stand, did the dance exercise standing and those who had problem with their legs did the dance exercise sitting. I personally enjoyed the dance exercise very much.

The occupational therapist team showed us how to use tools to modify our daily activities. Unfortunately, no photo of this group had been taken.

Many of the RA patients here had skipped the medication and went for other treatment and supplement. Unfortunately, many of them ended with joints replacement eventually. One of them was in wheel chair too. During the sharing session, one of them advised us, especially the new RA patients, to work closely with their rheumatologists to avoid any damaged to their joints.

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  • Where was this?

  • Hi Leroa, this is in Klang, Malaysia. We have the support group where many rheumatologists will occasionally join us to give us speech. It is founded many years back by the RA patients.

    I wrote in to them 2 months ago to start a support group near our place instead of so far away because a lot of RA patients here needed help too but they were in pain hence could not drive so far away to join them.

    I am glad that they responded to me and started the forum here in Klang, Malaysia. I promise to assist the support group here because I know how tough being a RA patient and we need those who know our pain to support us at least morally.