I am just thinking

Hi everybody,

I belong to many RA site, this my be silly????But ...I notest that most of the people whit RA are nurses and teacher, is by any coincidence

That people exspose to the public are in some way more vulnerable to RA???

Doctors think that this desise Is coused by

A virus or a bacteria???

This is just a note that make me thinking!!!

I am a cook working in close contact whit

Many different people in one kitchen

Big like a classroom.

Thanks for reading ,and happy connection

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  • Hello. I'm not a nurse or a cook or a teacher. I sell beer, my hubby is a carpenter and we both have RA....I think anyone can get it.

    Take care


  • Thank you for your imput

  • Just coincidence. I contracted RA prior to my nursing license.

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