Heal your gut heal your body

Heal your gut heal your body

Ask me how! If you're anything like me after trying medicine after medicine and spending upteen amounts of money I decided it was time I took MY health back. Did my research and started on the journey. It's been amazing physically, emotionally mentally spiritually (and financially) I knew I always wanted to help people but I never knew it would come from my RA diagnosis...

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  • I've been reading about the connection also. Very interesting!

  • Why are we seeing this?

  • It's just a connection I've found that has helped with my RA. I've started taking probiotics and enzymes to help heal my own body. Thought it may help people who are interested in a natural approach :) it doesn't work for everybody but after all the medications I was on and to find relief naturally has been a blessing and wanted to share with those that are on the same path :)

  • Can you give suggestions on how to start? Books or other sites that are helpful...I've already been following Paddison program.

  • Check out Josh Axe great stuff, medical medium is also great. I go to a local naturopathic that helps a lot! It is definitely a commitment but I wouldn't change anything for the world!! I can also give you brands of probiotics I've used, etc if you'll like :-)

  • Leaky Gut syndrome is a theory. If this was true then Jill Carnahan,MD would win the Nobel Prize for discovering the cure of all auto immune diseases.

  • Thank you for that. Everything is a theory...life is a theory...dr's "practice" medicine. Nothing is absolute especially when it comes to our bodies. I am just trying to keep it positive in what has been a not so positive experience in my life. This "theory" has worked for me, so I'd like to share. It may not work for everyone however my blood work has come back more normal since I have taken the natural route than it did the whole time I was on medication after medication. With all due respect, I believe that some things work for some people and some don't. I support and encourage whatever works for whoever tries it.

    Western medicine, homeopathic, meditation, prayer...whatever works for you and makes you feel good then do it and I'll be your biggest supporter. (The you in this is the population not a single person)

    Just please keep the comments positive or don't comment at all. Very simple

    Thank you!

  • Didn't mean to upset you. I was just stating a fact. I do wish you well. We must be honest about what is a fact and what we wish to be true. Honestly is always a positive thing...

  • Ok thank you.

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