Hello everyone! So I went to my doctor on Friday because my pain is so bad and I'm not responding to the steroids anymore like I initially did with the Medrol dosepak. We know that I have some sort of Connective Tissue Disease, but not exactly sure now since my Anti-CCP levels, ANA were negative, RF and ESR were positive. My doctor checked a bunch of blood work on me on Friday so I'm hoping to have some answers soon. This can't be my life now...I have 4 little ones to take care of 😢

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  • Hang in there!! At least you're on the path to figuring things out? Sounds like you have a great Dr and family who loves you :) I know some days are so hard especially with little ones who don't understand how much pain hand holding can be or how tired mommy is... BUT maybe you feel like I do and don't quite understand why this is happening and get super mad about it - but have those few moments where your husband helps or your kids act sweet and cuddle up and for a few minutes you forget that you're sick. Hopefully with the right treatment those moments will last days!

  • Please be careful with the steroids. Steroids, when taken for a long time, can damage your adrenal glands. If that happens you will end up being on steroids for the rest of your life because your adrenal glands will no longer work. That is a horrible situation to be in. Are you seeing a pain management doctor?

  • I have an appointment on Tuesday to see my rheumatologist finally 👍

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