Living with RA

I was diagnosed with RA, Fibromyalgia and Peripheral Neuropathy in 2009.  Life isn't easy as I hurt everyday and people can't see it....they don't understand that you stay tired because you can't sleep.  I have a great support system in my Husband but he is the only one who really knows how I feel from day to day.  I work everyday because I have to.  I have tried to get disability but have not been able to do so.  I just pray for strength and endurance to get through each day.  God is good.

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  • God is good indeed.

  • Knowing you're not alone somehow seems to help.  At least it does for me.  Understanding that others are going through similar issues and experiencing much (or even just some) of what you're experiencing helps keep at bay that feeling that you're all alone ... that others don't understand.  Lots of others are there with you.  Lots of others understand.  That's the real power of groups like this.

    I'm turning 70 next month and have just recently been diagnosed with RA.  Reading about the experiences of others is helping me come to terms with this Pain-In-The -Ass disease.  (Truthfully ... some days that's one of the very few things that DOESN'T hurt!)  Seek out things that make you laugh.  I find it helps!

  • I am right there with you! I don't know how we are supposed to work day in and day out with all of this incredible pain. It's crazy. Some days I just want to throw in the towel. I'm so sick of being in pain and sick of trying to hold down my full time job. Most days it's close to impossible.

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