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Living with RA for 17 years

Hello everyone. I have lived with RA for 20 years. I also have Lupus which I have had most of my life. I've learned a lot over all these years. I was very involved with a support group, but moved away from the area. I miss the support group very much, I made many friends who our still a part of my life.  I also have been given the task of taking  care of my mother who has Alzheimer's. I offen feel overwhelmed. I have been having a difficult time dealing with being a caregiver. It's extremely stressful which doesn't help with my RA and  Lupus. I'm hoping to see if anyone is having the this difficult decision. I was a nurse, so taking care of people is in my blood, it's hard when you are the only child. Most people look at me and say "oh you don't look sick"  I have battled cancer 3 times in my life. As I get older my challenges become more difficult. I'm hoping to connect with people. I'm interested in finding out if there's anyone who has been on Embrel for many years. I have been on it around 16 years. We have no clues what long term use of Embrel can do. I have starting to get more nodules, and have had spinal surgery and now elbow and hand. I have to admit I told my doctor I will wait until after summer to have these surgeries. The doctor and I are thinking that the Embrel is no longer controlling my RA. I have also tried many of the other inhibitors, most of them I had severe reactions. I'm hoping to connect with someone. I live in Seattle Washington. 

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Hi! I too have been on Enbrel long term, since 2007. After a year and a half of infections causing me to stop/start enbrel,  I'm not longer sure how well it's helping control my RA/Fibromyalgia. I never longer have the energy I used to have, pain is increased in new places and new problems such as thyroid goiter and nodules, sciatica, trouble walking 😕

Out of everything though, the worst of all is the isolation and loneliness I am now dealing with.


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