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Hi ,

Sorry if this long winded I'm new.

So.. for the past four years or so I have had diarrhoea, blood loss, bloating, fatigue, severe cramps, and all round feeling horrible. I have all the test and all though infection markers are their and the symptoms are there. Doctors can only seem to find a small area of inflammation and are unable to confirm or treat. Has any one been through this ? They have told me I will have to wait until November until I see the doctor?

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Good god.where do you live.have they not given you any medication. My advice change doctors or ask for a 2nd opinion


Change doctors and hospitals if.ypu have too I was really ill for 2 years I paid for one specialist appt and I am so much better I couldn't leave the house now I walk my dogs everyday go out with my friends


Nope nothing at all they said they can't risk medicating with a confirmed diagnosis. And have basically told me to live with it because it can take years to diagnose properly. I'm missing so much work it's ridiculous


I was in the same situation last July until I met one doctor and my meds have gone down over last month's where so u live as I was desperate in July had a blip in December but now I have had a clear 4 months the best I have had ever I couldnt leave the house or take my dogs out to going out everyday now the best thing he ever told me was Imodium is like any drug u take it 2 in the morning and 1 at night and see if it works along with my other meds and questran went down from 3 to now 1 per day hope it helps gill



I'm so sorry you are going through this and not getting anywhere with your current gp. I would definitely make an appointment or go to open surgery if your practice offers this and my advice is take someone with you who can speak up and voice their concerns but who can also do it politely without losing their cool which sadly is needed by anyone with a potentially longstanding health problem as we are likely to need the help of gp's and consultants for a long time and good relationships are always best...

However you cannot continue to be fobbed off with these symptoms and if the gp said you have to wait until Nov to see a dr am I correct in thinking he/she has recently referred you to a gastroenterologist? I would ask for that referral to be upgraded to urgent. I waited and got fobbed off for years and I'm a nurse and not a youngster anymore.

Please don't let this gp tell you to live with something that he/she hasn't got a diagnosis of yet, push for more help or a trial of medication that may help whilst you wait to see the consultant. My concern for you is that gastroenterology is one of the busiest specialities and often has long waiting lists with clinic appointments sometimes being delayed so you need to get in touch with the secretaries for that department or the appointment office and ask if there is a cancellation list to add your name to that.

Hope this helps a bit.

What medication if any have you tried?


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