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Eating disorder, Crohns and Fat !

Hello - I'm new here - aged 54 female - was an Anorexic in my youth - became a Compulsive Eater in my forties (Not Bulimic!!). Now I have been diagnosed with Crohn's and am overweight. I have damaged shoulders and knees so aggressive exercise is a No No and my dietician said too much exercise is not good for Crohn's patients. I do walk 30/40 mins most days but find it hard too get motivated.

I have joined the forum to see if I can be inspired by others to do something about this. I weigh 85.2 kg - dietician suggested I try to lose 10% so 8kg (21 lbs) - that's a lot.

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So sorry to hear you've had so much to cope. Just a thought - have you had psychological support to address the compulsive eating. Without this I would have thoughts its going to be really tricky to find a long term solution to over eating, being healthy and keeping your weight down. Good luck!



I too suffer from fibromyalgia and indeterminate Crohns, Colitis which basically is both!

I am also over weight and just don't care because the fibromyalgia is so bad and painful the medication gains me weight.

Keep going just think as long as ur Crohns is under control, everything else can be sorted out later.

Best wishes



Hi. I have crohns n weight has been up n down due to medications and flare ups. I highly recommend gentle yoga or pilates. I am currently overweight but after bein so ill a few yrs ago my consultant ibd nurse are pleased bout my weight. What is your bmi? Unless dietician is specifically ibd focused they can give you conflicting advice.


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