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making your own play lists at week8

if found a usefull app to work out the beets per min for a song, google play is BPM detector. You play music with the app open and it will work out the bpm. So now i can make playlists to suit my pace. im just trailing though my itunes and making my play list as soon as i found a song with the right BPM. I used to work out my beets per min you just need to work out how long it takes to do 1 km and it does the rest and will list a load of songs too but its american so i dont know many of them. Hope this helps some of you, as i am so bored of the wk 8 runs i need my own music and may be it will help me improve my pace im doing 2 lists 1 for 6min per km and 1 for 5min per km to see if the music will jee me on a bit. carnt wait now to try my list out, roll on tomorrow :-)

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Thanks for this. I use an app with my own playlist and its obvious how my pace improves to the songs with a good beat (you win again by bee gees is a favourite)

I will give these a whirl.


Thanks for this info! So helpful. Thanks for sharing x


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