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SAD!! no more walking with laura

well just done week6run2 and i feel a little sad laura said at end that from now on we will be running constantly which means bo more walks with laura and im sure when you walk laura talks more to you and that really keeps me going .Dont get me wrong aim of the game is to run and i must admit stopping and starting this week was harder as just wanted to keep going but will i miss laura ? Im just hopping that in weeks 7 8 and 9 she keeps up her pep talks so i keep going ! and now I need to start thinking about the big one run 3 25 mins arrr off to worry myself silly and have my breakfast happy running x x

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Not to worry matey, Laura provides handy commentary and hints throughout much of the running parts just as she did in the earlier walking parts. She also continues to encourage, prod you on and pat you on the back as required. Look forward to that 25 minute victory dance/fist pump.


I still listen to Laura's podcasts....I just cant seem to switch over to my own playlist! I really must make an effort to leave her now. 25 mins will be so natural for you next time. Its a big mental shift going into WK7 and the contstant running but try not to think too much about it beforehand. Dig deep and keep those legs going and before you know it, its all over and soon you wont want to stop for a walk. Good luck - Karen


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