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Week 5 started .... In the most horrid weather

So yesterday was the official R1 of W5 - I say official as I had already done this run twice due to choosing the wrong podcast!

I wasn't anxious as the previous run had felt really comfortable but I hadn't reckoned on the weather yesterday. I run in a park which is quite open and boy, the wind was so strong - I found it really tough but I did it! Really didn't enjoy it as much as the other runs but at least it's done. The thing I'm concerned about is this week is the week of the 'big one' and I'm worried that the weather is going to make it even harder. I'm trying to be positive though - if I can do it in this weather, I guess it can only get easier right?!

So the next run is 2 x 8 minutes which seems a lot but I've been finding that I'm "zoning out" more now when I'm running and thinking about other things rather than "when will this end?" So I think that will help.

Good luck to everyone running in this weather this weekend x

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Well done LondonKel I am doing my first week 5 run tomorrow... Scared but excited about this week!


Congrats, LondonKel.... I attempted W5R2 yesterday, after an amazing run 1 on Wednesday. Unfortunately. My good run mode was switched off or something :( I managed the walk, first 8 mins and the breather walk ... But alas the air was sooooooo blooming cold I just couldn't do much more than about 4 of the second 8 minute requirement. I'm pleased that my legs were still without twinges and pain, but my shoulders were stiff and my lungs ached ... So I did a longer walk home.

I was mis once indoors in the warm again, but a cosy afternoon and night's sleep later, I'm feeling better and thinking more realistically/positively I shall give W5R2 another go if it is warmer on Monday.

I have mild, late onset asthma and have been chuffed that I have not needed to use an Inhaler for about a month now - so I am certain my lungs are getting stronger. I'll get over this little setback and accept that week 5 may take longer than a week to achieve...... But achieve it I will! As will you!

Lots of luck with your runs, and keep warm xx :) Linda


Im in exactly the same position as you LondonKel! Getting ready to go out for my w5r1 and im anxious about the weather too! Although if the weathers bad on r3 then we can battle through it together :)

Rachel x


Thanks for all the comments - nice to see there's a group of us at the same stage in this crazy weather! I don't mind the cold as I get really hot when I run but just find the wind saps so much energy and tires you more mentally. Still, wait til the Summer then I'll be wringing about the heat ??

Looking forward to reading all of your blogs


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