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So what now?

I am now a graduate and love the badge and on my son's request will get my T shirt ordered up.

Since Jan 2nd, I set myself the target of losing 11kg and getting throught this programme. I am pleased to say that I have a very satisfied tick against both of those goals and now wonder what to do next.

Should I go for speed and go the park run 5k way,or should I target the 10k instead. The latter is a harder target, but I have already committed to do the 5x50, so it would be an even tougher goal.

What do all you graduates think of the choices, what are you striving for?

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Lovely graduate badge, well done! It's great that you achieved both your goals in such a short time. :-)

At the moment I am doing some Stepping Stones, some pleasure runs using week9 podcast, and thinking about Parkrun on Saturday...

But amazingly, I am beginning to wonder about the bridge to 10k programme (someone posted about Samantha, sounded interesting....) Just need a new phone (upgrade due in April); or my own Ipod (using daughters and almost no memory left) so I can download some apps or podcasts.

I am also signed up for 5x50 so will have to get organised for my non running days, get my bike back from daughters shed, find my swimming costume, and get the DVD working! ;-)


Thanks for your reply, I am looking forward to the 5x50.

It will take a lot of planning to complete the 5x50 I think as I travel a lot. If I am away for days on end, then will have to walk on non running days.

Should be interesting|


I think the 5x50 challenge wil take up your energies for the next couple of months, and maybe try to do a few parkruns too. Then you will be so fit that the 10k length could be the next goal.

Good luck with it all!


Yes, 5x50 will be hard. Good point about the fitness level. I had not thought about that. I can use the 5x50 as a springboard for other challenges.

Like the plan!!!!


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