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Don't ever run with blisters!

Well after my comments and lovely feedback yesterday about not doing the full run for wk7r3. I decided to be positive - until I woke up this morning and could barely move my foot let alone walk. Well with a bright red foot and after going to the doctor its seems I've got an infected blister - which is really painful. That will teach me to keep going - should have just rested until all better. Now i'm on antibiotics and can barely move!

Still thinking about running though as am worried will lose my fitness if I don't run for a week say.


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OUCH! Sending healing thoughts your way!!! :-( Do you have a decent pair of running socks that wick the moisture away from your skin? They will help prevent future blisters. Don't worry about losing fitness so quickly. You should be okay until the blister is well enough for you to run again. You will be amazed how well you will retain fitness when you need to take a break from running. Gayle


More healing thoughts from here too. That sounds really horrible for you. Hope the antibiotics get going soon, and you'll be recovered and ready to run without too much delay. As Gayle says, it seems that it takes a while for fitness to go, so don't start back until your feet are really ready. :)


Don't run. Rest and elevate your foot until it is completely healed and pain free to run on. You don't want the infection to spread and end up needing to go into hospital for IV anitbiotics. Trust me I'm a nurse.!!!


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