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..and then it happened in the cool down!

Change of plan meant I got to do my W6r3 tonight ...was worried when Laura starts with asking if I was scared, but completed my 25 minutes .... and then it happened in the cool down ...

Laura told me she was Proud of me and that I could now call myself a runner ..

...and then I started sobbing, with real tears ...I cannot believe it..

..why was i sobbing? What is happening to me...

.. :)

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:-).....memories. I did it in my 20 minutes and 25 minutes session!!!!!! Normally hubby comes with me but on the W5R3 run he was later in from work so I went on my own. I got home bubbling like an idiot and he took one look at me and said "I hope thats sweat coming down your face!" Typical yorkshire lad my bloke. are crying because you were scared of it and you beat it, You are crying because you know you have come on miles from the start. And you are crying because you are so proud of yourself in beating the odds you thought were there.Lastly...this thing is achievable by you. All your hard work is paying off. Im not much further than you, only 3 runs. We can blub together when we get that final run done in the next few weeks. Congratulations.


Ooooo. Makes me feel quite teary too. You clever, determined person you! :)


Very well done! 25 min, is a bloody long time.....

Enjoy the moment..

All the best



Despite rumours to the contrary, this hairy arsed 48 year old man did not have a tear in his eye at the completion of the 20 minute run. It was sweat. Or rain.

Something like that.

Fair play to you Amsjo, if Laura says you're a runner, that's good enough for me.


Yes I cried too amsjo when I completed my W5R3 20 min run and had a tear in my eye as I read this and felt your happiness, relief, pride and joy! What an achievement! What determination! Yes, you really are a runner; hold your head high! :)



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