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Lucky Mondays

Another Monday with the sun shining and some heat actually coming off it! Can't beat that for positive running vibes :)

I only got two runs squeezed in last week due to a training course at the weekend, so I just got w2 r2 completed today and glad to say it felt like I was running on air. I had a niggle in my knee the past couple of days, but could feel it was the pain I get in relation to joint hypermobility rather than something else so wasn't too concerned. Just a warning sign that its time to get the ankle weights out and go through the routine my physio has given me. Possibly all related to being less active with my foot injury.

It is nice to be running through the programme again, but without a massive amount of doubt in whether or not I can do it. I have confidence the course will guide me through it!

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'Running on air' - lovely! :)


Welcome back and wishing you a bright running future! Gayle


Thanks! It's good to be back :)


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