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Lucky weather

The prospect of setting off in these howling gales and driving rain is just too much. However, the last couple of runs has been in a window of calm, which matched my mood once I got going! My five minute demons have sulkily stropped off to reappear at the last five minute burst, but I confound them by running faster as urged to by the Lovely Laura. I am amazed at myself, just amazed. That is week 7 finished and when I get back from visiting my daughter it will be week 8! I can't wait to get started on that. Actually a bit frustrated by the fact that instead of doing my run as scheduled today, I shall have to do it when I return on Tuesday. Now, that's a turn up! If I'm honest, I can't say I'm quite enjoying all the running as I do it, but the prospect of a run, and, of course, finishing one is a high you couldn't buy legally (so I'm told). It's too wet for my nice new pretty shoes, I shall christen them for week nine. That is only 3 runs away! I really am going to finish by Christmas! That was my slimming world present to myself, and I'm chuffed to bits. Let's not count our chickens, though...

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You'll do it all right! What a great Christmas present to yourself!


The things that money can't buy - they are the best 😀


Fantastic OT !

Youre on the home strait now and theres no stopping you !

Go, Go, Go ! :-) xxx


Wooohoo! Let's hear it for old biddy power!


That's me!!

By the time my husband and I had finished poncing about putting up the Christmas lights (they got tangled because someone dropped them) it was practically dark and I was frozen to the marrow. So I shall run tomorrow, W8R1, and am ridiculously disappointed that now I'm behind schedule!

I wasn't keen to run after dark, normally doesn't phase me, but yesterday my neon hued, radioactive glowing 6ft1 son in law got bumped on his bike by some twit easing out of a side road. Our hero was fine but fizzing angry, and is even angrier that now he feels he ought to use the bus since there are so many clueless drivers out there. Hence my disinclination to run after dark. I think drivers are perhaps less attentive when they are very near home than they are on main roads? I don't know, but I don't feel the need to write a dissertation on it from my hospital bed!!


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