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W2 R1.......Hmmmmm!!

It wasn't easy!!!!!!

What a difference an extra 30 seconds make!! Not too bad with the huffing and puffing but due to my lack of fitness I tend to get this feeling that my calf and shin muscle/s are almost cramping, as if the blood can't get around enough???? It goes away when I walk and starts by about interval 4.

It has happened before so I know it's not long lasting, muscular or shin splints.

HOWEVER, I did it :)

Good luck Alliecat

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yeaaay! nice one carole1961!! you did it!

i know what you mean about the difference an extra 30 seconds makes- a lifetime!! but it shall be done!!

i get what I can only describe as the beginnings of calf cramp but it soon goes when i rest and then get going again. its like the muscles are getting used to exercise again after all these years!! but, its getting easier, so i hope yours does too.

good luck run 2.



I did week two run one this morning! Similar sort of thing felt like was getting cramp but it went away when I walked. Well done us!


Yep, up an' at in the morning :) Let you know how it goes and let me know how yours go?


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