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Ready for Week 7

I managed to complete W6 r3 last night. I started out thinking I may have to run/walk/run as I thought 25 mins may be too much for me. However I settled in to my run and all was going well, I agree with other bloggers that you do feel a bit abandoned by Laura as she leaves you alone for a while. However after she gives you a pep talk at 20 minutes I felt really good and still felt I had a bit left in the tank and started to open out my pace a bit. I run the same route every time and like to beat my previous distance with each run, well when Laura told me I had 1 minute left, that was it I had to smash my previous best and went for it. I actually felt like a real runner, however by breathing rhythm went to pot, nevertherless I beat it, felt great and recovered amazingly quickly.

I am now looking forward to ordering my graduates T-shirt in a couple of weeks.

Thank you all for the support and advice given on this site.xx

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Hi Lynsey,

It looks like like we (and a couple of others) are in exactly the same place - I also did w6 r3 yesterday.

25 mins did seem a daunting prospect even though we only did the 20 minutes last week - that seems a long time ago already. I just have to trust Laura that having completed the previous podcasts I'll get there somehow - and I always have done so I guess something's going right :-)

Well done on actually speeding up yesterday - I blogged about only having three speeds - run (ie shuffle), walk or stop. At the moment I have no concept of fster or slower running! That's something I have to work on in the coming weeks so I can cover more than 4km in a session.

The t-shirt is slowly gettng closer isn't it! When's your next run? Mine should be Sunday morning - I'll send positive thoughts your way.


LOL! You're three speeds made me smile :-)


I am hoping to do w8 r1 tomorrow but it will be in the morning as my husband is golfing all day. This will be a bit strange as I usually run in the evening once I've fed the children :-)


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