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First solo run - some techinical difficulties

This morning was my first Laura-free run.

I was a little later than planned as after baking into the small hours I over-slept and didn't have time to do my usually routine of run, make packed-lunches and then to work, so I was setting out in the full light of day, however I was wearing my newly arrived long-sleeve graduation top and so I looked like a runner ;-)

With Spotify on shuffle I did my 5 minute walk to the kids from Fame and then started running with Badly Drawn boy and hit my pace with Scary Monsters and Super Creeps, I didn't think I was going that fast but I did my 1st mile in 9:13 and hit 2 miles at 18:59 (to the strains of Echo Beach).

I was feeling good and enjoying a bit of human league when my phone lost its SD card (it's getting old and using both GPS and streaming music off the SD card can be too much for it) so the music stopped and so had Endomondo, I carried on running until I hit 30 minutes, but I was feeling a bit miffed as I was hoping to break the 5K barrier and now I had no tracking to record it so I pulled up earlier than planned.

When I got home I extrapolated from the 2.77 miles that had been tracked before things went "Phut" and was relieved that at the pace I was going I hadn't really been on track to reach 5K, but that I had most likely managed to do the 3 miles in just under 30 minutes again.

So all in all not a bad run, but I think that I was running too fast at the start as I was getting tired in the last mile. Also I think I need to put a non-phone tracking device on my Christmas list.

I'm going to try another solo run on Sunday, but using a different device for music, and see if can't do the 5K in 30 minutes

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When you wrote 'solo' I thought you meant without the dog!

Technology and the lack of it are the most frustrating things about running sometimes. I'm still waiting on my Garmin, did a run yesterday, came home and tracked it on geodistance - 4.9km in 30 mins and 48 secs - so near and yet...

Well done for a fast first mile! I'm really looking forward to being able to track times and distances accurately.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow...


I almost made it out without the dog, but she caught me when I said goodbye to my boys and so I had to take her with me. I have a plan for Sunday which involves taking her out for a short walk (which can be my warm-up) then dropping her off at home whilst doing my run proper for which I'm planning to run down the road and join the Thames path for a mile or so before looping back into the village through a cow-field.


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