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A week of firsts!!

So I've given up smoking and started running all in the same week. That is some major change for me!

I gave up the ciggies on Sunday night in time for Stoptober and went for my first run on Tuesday. I really enjoyed it. Not sure the dog was that impressed but lets face it, we both need to lose a few pounds!

I was pleasantly surprised with how I managed. I was expecting to be a spluttering mess by the side of the road, but it was actually very manageable for someone who hasn't done any exercise for quite a long time (years!).

Its giving me something to focus on to keep my mind off the fags. And even though I'm not running today, I'm blogging for the first time to beat a craving!!

I am taking part in the Great Eastern Fun Run on 14th Oct to raise money for SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death syndrome) as a friend of mine suffered a huge loss earlier this year. I know two weeks training isn't going to get me to 5k, but its put me in the right mindset and I feel less "afraid" of it now! If you feel you can donate to this great cause please go to

Craving dissipated...:)

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All the best with both challenges.


Best of luck with giving up the fags. Great idea to use running to manage the cravings too. I was surprised how manageable this programme is too, being an ex-smoker and ex-games dodger myself!


Another ex-smoker here! Good luck with the challenge. Great idea to start this while you are quitting. I think having this to focus on will really help with the cravings and you will start to look at your health and fitness in a new way. (Careful though, you will more than likely become addicted to running, and will find yourself planning your life around your running, buying running gear, talking about gait, pace and BPM! It's a slippery slope!)

Seriously though it's a great programme and a great community. Make sure to come on here when a craving strikes! Good luck!


Thanks for all the comments of encouragement and support. Didn't expect that! I'll be sure to blog regularly to keep in touch...and to beat the craves!!

Roller toaster...I have already found my nearest running shop! :)


Good work :)


X-smoker here as well! C25K will give you something to concentrate on other then a cig. Welcome to this site! You will love it here!!! :-) Great going in doing 2 challenges at the same time!


Well done, becksbinks! What a huge change you're making in your life! Good luck with all your changes and challenges!


Change is good. All the very best x


Welcome, becksbinks!! I am glad that your first run went so well!! You are quite a courageous one vice for another without even a little break in between!! :-) I am sure that you will do wonderfully!! Keep it up and Keep Running!!


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