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W5R1 - Switch on ?

Janda mentioned how this run doesn't seem as much of a test as some of the previous weeks and I have to agree. It's not that it's any easier, it isn't, it just seems that it's working, we're improving. I think Laura even mentions it in one of her pep talks.

On that subject she's beginning to really annoy me. "I hope you feel you're recovering more quickly" and if the answer's "no" then what ? As it happened she was right, I do recover more quickly. Interestingly I don't struggle to recover my breath but for my legs to stop aching takes a while.

Right, must go, I have to get out.

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I felt that too. But on the bright side, you've only got another 3 runs (not counting W5R3) where it's easier to have Laura to tell you when to run/walk, and then you can switch to your own music.

On the subject of legs, mine take 2 days to recover properly now. I've got 3 more good runs to complete and then that's me, though. :-)

Good luck with the rest of W5!


Well done Chewy!! As Mitts says, a few more intervals and we're free to listen to what we like. For weeks 7-9 I'm planning on doing the first run with the podcast then using my own stuff, but we'll see!!! Keep it up and enjoy your W5R3 on Sunday. It's an amazing sense of achievement!!


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