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Lungs sore when running outdoors

I've mainly used the treadmill so far and am just about to start week 7 indoors. I did a few outdoor runs early on, fell out of the habit but have started up again doing a week 4 run last week and today a week 5. On the last 2 outdoors I've noticed my lungs are a lot more sore when I finish than when I run indoors. (Don't think I noticed it early on as I was expecting the whole thing to be torturous anyway!)

I'm presuming it's the difference in air temperature. Do I just acclimatize by plugging away with the runs outside, repeating where necessary, or do you have any cunning tips to help me on my way?

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I think you just have to acclimatise. I read somewhere that sucking a menthol sweet can help get your breathing going. I find my nose blocks up when I run outside for some reason.


Thanks, I've bought some in anticipation of my next run so will be trying it out soon.


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