A wise £1.99 investment in an otherwise unstable market (retrospective)

A wise £1.99 investment in an otherwise unstable market (retrospective)

My name's Chris. I'm a 25-year-old Bath-dwelling Uni languages graduate who is looking for a real grown-up job in the world while working temporarily at a cinema.

I found c25k after reading Charlie Brooker's account of a related smartphone app and splashed out a whopping £1.99 for the android "get running" c25k app. I have had some near-pristine Asics running shoes for about four years since they were recommended to me by a friend. If I recall correctly, I went on less than 10 runs before I stopped, partly because i returned home every time wheezing and feeling like death.

Apart from allergy-related asthma, and "dodgy ankles", I'm in fair condition. It's about 7pm, so i'm off FOR A RUN!!! The nice c25k lady seems cheerful enough, but I suspect I may grow to hate her with time...


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4 Replies

  • It's a love-hate relationship... You feel like screaming at her when she tells you you've only done 5 minutes, then half a minute later you can't wait to hear the sound of her voice again to tell you you've finished the next part... Good luck! Just keep going and you'll 'walk it'... :-)

  • I use the "get running" app because it lets me play my own music but I also downloaded nhs podcasts so that I could run through them to hear Laura's helpful tips before my run. You can get very tired of Laura's music! :)

  • Amusing blog, this should be a breeze for you. What do you do with the £1 your jar looses if you don't run? Haha

  • The "failure money" goes back into the wallet to be spent on food and boring stuff!

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