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20 mins instead of 30.. I am struggling BUT

It's not a fail!!

I am full of a cold and the old me would have turned over and had an extra half an hour in bed!! The fact I even got up and attempted to 'run' today is an achievement in itself. :D

I have had this cold since Sunday, and although I managed to stumble my way through 30 minutes on Monday, today it was not to be.

I started off feeling good, I was aiming for 35 minutes today as I just cannot seem to get past 30 minutes (obviously a mental barier thing on my part) and I am nowhere near 5k. I had put some new tunes on my MP3 player and all was going well until about the 15 minute mark, my energy just went, so stumbled my way to the 20 minute mark and did my cooldown walk. :( Also, after shuffling along for about 10-15 minutes I always suffer with a bit of pain in my groin from scarring from an angiogram in my 20's where they had to go in through my femoral artery. If I lengthen my stride it helps to ease it but that isn't something I can sustain for long! But that also made the shoulder monkey stronger today...

For my own sanity I have to break the 30 minute mark!! I am on the treadmill, yes its boring but my tunes today were good, sadly the body wasn't. .

Will be trying again on Friday - any tips for getting past 30 minutes?

I already cover the display but my body seems to know when the 30 minutes is approaching and starts to wind down and my mind eggs it on!

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When I do a longer run, I focus on distance rather than time. I start out really steady too. The mind is really powerful and can make your body think its had enough but if you drink enough fluid and you are fuelled up properly... tell yourself you can do it and you will. Good luck!


Thanks Gridlet - I do drink plenty of water/squash, its obviously my mind and shoulder gremlin working together!


Get off the treadmill? If you plan a route, then you'll either have to run it or walk it, either way is good!


Yes, it is good either way, but the treadmill means that (for me) I have no excuse not to get out there as its in my garage. With getting out onto a route I feel like I would have to drive to somewhere as I live in a very small village in the country so all the roads by me are narrow unlit country lanes and I am a lone plodder! And I am worried that excuses to drive off to a safer route would soon creep in... maybe its time to give the OH a kick up the bum and come with me :D


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