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Week 2, R2 ankle injury!!

Hi all. I have recently started c25k and got through week 1 ok although I did feel like I was going to die whilst actually doing it. So set off on W2,R1 and that was hard but I got through it. That night aside from my aching legs my right ankle started to hurt. It kept me awake that night & I've been taking it easy. I decided to have a 2 day rest period before I did W2,R2. So I set off tonight & only managed to do 3 of the 5 runs because my ankle hurt & then because I was running funny my leg started to hurt. So I stopped running & walked/limped home. I now have it soaking in cold water & I'm fed up.

I know it is probably because I have cheap trainers and I am planning on having a running gait analysis & will get the right trainers. In the meantime how long should I rest my ankle for & when I start again should I go back to week 1?

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Hi, sorry can't give advice on your injury but just wanted to say good luck. I like phoning the NHS Direct for advice on such things.


I had an ankle injury 3 weeks ago and still cannot run yet.

Its not painful to touch, not swollen, but when I try to jog on the spot the pain is really bad.

Hope you get better quickly, only advice I can give is rest and anti-inflammatory meds.


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