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Blooming calf muscles!

I just wish they would catch up with my mental state and stop getting so tired!

Just done week 2 run 2 and even before I've finished the brisk walk at the beginning I'm starting to feel the fatigue in my calves. I know I just have to keep going and they will get used to it, but when will that be???!!!

Really starting to get me down :(

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Calf (and shin) muscles seem to be everyone's weak point don't let that get you down most people have suffered (or are suffering) from it at some point.

I would build in some specific lower leg strengthening exercises into your daily routine, the are pretty simple by and large and can be done at home whilst watching the the telly which is a bonus so no need for expensive gyms or anything.

There is a whole lot of good stuff here (but plenty of other sources):

Just make these things part of your weekly routines maybe on off days, it'll take a little while but you will get there. Though of course it will just expose the next weakest link in the which point you just start on those ones instead :-) Welcome to the joys of running!


Thanks. I've started doing those (tried to reply to this yesterday but I kept getting error messages). Hopefully it will help - they were still really tired on the run this morning


Do lots of stretches. I stand on the stairs with toes on the edge and drop my heels, hold for 10 secs. I do this all the way upstairs after every run and can now run without thinking my calves are going to explode. Keep going it is worth getting through this.


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