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Week 9 starts tomorrow

I can't believe I am up to week nine already. Last night I ran the last of the week 8 runs and just jogged along, bored, not out of breath but definitely sweaty. I think I will need my own music once the blog is finished with :(

To anyone starting this, I couldn't run for 1 minute 8 weeks ago and now I am bored running 28 minutes as it is now so easy! You have to believe in this amazing programme, I never thought I would enjoy any exercise never mind running but I look forward to it now.

I am looking forward to graduating at the end of this week, all going well.


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Hi! I'm starting week 9 tomorrow and know exactly how you feel - this plan is fantastic the way it just keeps stretching you further with each run. Let's put the champagne on ice - sure we'll both get that 'graduate' badge very soon! Good Luck!


I've just done week 8 run 1 and am very out of breath at the end, mind you I keep trying to end in a sprint! How far are you running in the 28 minutes?


I'm running 3.5K in 30 mins at the moment (W9R2) & really struggling with the heat. Tonight I very nearly didn't finish. I loved the sound of your easy 28 mins Claire! It is amazing we have all got to this point - so well done everyone!


clairestanton and avagomo - congratulations on everything, and I couldn't agree with you more about this programme, I can't believe how well it works, I've always hated exercise but I love running now. I'm even buying running books! I'm just a day behind you as I'm doing the first week 9 run on Thursday so hopefully we can have an online graduation party!


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