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School Holidays

Now that we are home from holiday, I've returned to work. In some ways I'm fortunate because my job allows me to not have childcare except in particular circumstances. However I have found trying to run with them tough. Last week it became easier to wait for my husband to come home rather than try and run at my normal times. That just ended up making me feel ill as I would run after evening meals - something I've not been used to.

Today I decided I needed to make having at least one of them with me work. So she brought her bike and pedalled off ahead, and would then come back to buzz me before heading off again. It wasn't perfect and I found it quite distracting, but for a couple of weeks until the holidays are over it will have to do.

Completed W8R3 though. Still feel like an elephant lumbering along. I'm sure it gets better, and maybe now the running is coming along I should think a little bit more about the eating properly.

Life is a little complicated at the moment and the running was about finding time to be away from the phone and the noise of people to think a little more. But maybe the time, despite the other complications, has come to think about my relationship with food.

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fitting in 30-40 minutes "me time" can be difficult, especially for women and I certainly couldn't run in an evening. How about early morning before the family is up? Would that work for you? Or is there a neighbour who would have the children for a bit? If all else fails, now that you are on week 8 it won't hurt if you have to take a break and to do something else which includes the children for the next few weeks instead of running. A cycle ride, 5k walk or another vigorous activity will maintain your fitness levels and you'll be able to take up where you left off. Hope you can work something out which lets you get some time to yourself :)


I totally sympathise with you, Having 3 boys, 12, 7 and 4 It's impossible for me to fit in a run when they aren't at school, I can't run in the evening I'm just too knackered from running around after them all day! I decided to take the opportunity to run today as my hubby was off and it was a shocker as i hadn't run in two weeks :( So at least you are getting out there and doing it and involving the kids is nice, well done x


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