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Uhm, hello?

I know I haven't been around for nearly a month. And I didn't do a lot of running in that time either. Don't ask me why. Maybe it was the weather or work or (probably) me not wanting to do the long runs. Why did I lose my mojo when I'm suppose to do the week 9 runs?

I'm waiting for the temperature to drop a little and then I'm out. Counting in runs it would be w9/r3 - but I only did 18 minutes and 20 minutes the last two runs, so IF I manage the 30 min today, it's officially w9/r1. And I'll have a boost to do 30 minutes the next two runs again to finally get this programme finished.

Seriously brain, why do you think I'd stop when I'm nearly done!?

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Good luck :) It's hard running in the heat but it'll be worth it to get the program finished. Keep on running :)


Well, better a bad run than no run at all, right? I managed a lousy 8 minutes and then started walking. The heat was killing me and I had a hard time breathing. Never happened before and scared me a little! I walked back home after that. Better luck next time, I hope.


Come SuZi get your mojo back, its not lost it just hiding for a while, and it should be cooler this weekend.


Heat and humidity are a one-two punch in the gut to Mojo....and there's no "time limit" to completing the programme.

A big part of running tho', is wrapping your head around it. If you're going to be serious about getting fit, you're gonna have to DO IT. Show Mojo who's boss. Just because HE wants to sit on the couch, doesn't mean it is good for him...OR you. There have been many times ALL of us have laced up our shoes and gone out (read my blogs) when we were absolutely sure running was going to be the death of us. It wasn't.

My experience has been, it can take 15-20 minutes of running sometimes before I feel like going on...and by then, hey, I'm already half way done so I may as well keep going, right?

Good running to you....I'm looking forward to seeing your graduation post...


It is quite a wake up call when you've started the programme earlier this year and been more concerned with keeping warm and dry to have to encounter this heat. And then you read of people doing the programme in Dubai...

I wonder if you are a bit concerned about 'what next?' If so, you are graduating at the perfect time as the next podcasts are so nearly ready, you should just have time to celebrate and let it sink in.

Don't hang about, but then again, don't make it harder on yourself than you have to - get yourself out there when it is coolER if not cool and do what you can. Even getting togged up and then just walking briskly for half an hour is better than nothing.


I did a few runs in the heat so far (26 degrees or around that) and it wasn't fun either times. I'll try to go out really early next time, but on weeks where I have to work I cannot really do that and would have to go out after 8.30 - and it's still hot then.

I have to get these missing 3 runs done! I know I can do it, I ran 30 minutes and more 3 or 4 times now. I probably need to get back into running, as I had a 1,5 week break. I'm looking forward go going "Woooohooo, I graduated!!!" on here very soon! ;)


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