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For those of you just starting couch to 5k or getting near week 9, let me tell you my story. I'm 64 next month and never believed I could run. I was beginning to think my fitness was going downhill but my daughter inspired me to have a go and I started the program in January.

I found it incredible and followed Laura's plan to the letter. 9 weeks later my daughter and I ran the 30 mins together. It felt such an achievement but I wondered how I could carry on. Well I did - I kept using the week 9 sessions but tried to go a bit faster. Then I decided to increase my time in increments of 10% per week.

This week I ran for 60 minutes non-stop. Since January I have lost a stone in weight even though I was only very slightly overweight.

Daughter and I have decided to do the Manchester BUPA 10 km next April. So keep at it - it really works - I'm living proof!!

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Well done - That's very impressive - Hope I can manage to finish the nine weeks and then carry on improving.


What an inspiration! I'm two runs away from graduation and was wondering what to do next but I like your idea for the 10% increments. Congratulations on improving your fitness and being a C25K role model :)


Good on you, Peter! So many times graduation seems like...well....graduation. We're done, nothing more to do here, move on. C25K is just the beginning as you have shown.

It's about setting new goals, achieving them, and continuous improvement, isn't it?

Best of luck to you in your running and the Manchester BUPA.



What a truly fantastic post, you should be proud x


What an inspiration! I'm on my last run of week 7 and really enjoying the running now. I'm already thinking about how I want to improve after I graduate. Well done and good luck!


Wow, well done you! You inspire us all.


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