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Bruised shins or shin splints

I have a feeling I have bruised my shin muscles (I'm on w2r2) but don't want to do damage (or stop running). Aghh!

I am fairly sure it isn't shin splints as it isn't sharp pain just feels like bruising, friend C25k graduate advised ice on my legs following a run. I can run with the bruised feeling but they also feel bruised when just walking and resting too.

Can anyone shed any light on solutions or similar experiences?

Many thanks

Sarah (aka Amazed-I'm-off-the-sofa-and-running,-yes-me-running!)

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it sounds like its muscle ache rather than shin splints.i had them years ago and yes the pain did feel more sharp and acute,and stopped when i got fed up of running! thinking back my trainers were not right and probably a big factor. there have been loads of links and tips for stretches on this site (and one with links to yoga stuff) within this questionspart of the site so it might be worth checking out. when my legs ached at the beginning of the programme i found taking an extra rest day helped. in the beginning it wa s more my thighs ached, now its definatley more calves and front of leg.

if it doesent feel better after an day or two of rest then might be worth seeing your GP to rule out anything mroe serious?

good luck x


Sounds like shin splints to me

The link explains quite well.

My shins got more and more painful until the first run of week 4 where I had to call my boyfriend to come and get me as I literally felt like the muscles was tearing off my shin. A week or so of no running and some correcting ortho running insoles and not looked back since. There are also toe tap exercises u can do which help too


Thanks you two. I did buy proper running trainers from my local sport shop. I am hoping that it is light brusing as I will be gutted if I have to give up. If I can run through the 'aches' (not splintering pain) would this be more suggestive to aches than shin splints?

I have just finished week 2 and I'm really enjoying it... believe me I never thought I would say enjoy and run in the same sentence, so would be gutted if I had to give up (rest) for a few weeks.... I just dont' want to give in if it is just an ache.

Clearly my body is in shock anyway from the 3 times I am running!!

Thanks again



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