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Just one week left and struggling to stay motivated

I've just come back from running W8R3. My last run before that was last Wednesday, I just haven't managed to get out but really I've just been making excuses, truth is I haven't wanted to. Today my MP3 player run out of battery again so I had to run without Laura and the cheesy music, I got bored after about 20 minutes and just gave up.

I'm really struggling with the longer runs, I can manage it physically but it's just boring. I'm missing the sense of achievement from the earlier weeks, the feeling of making rapid progress.

Did anyone else find it tough towards the end? I'm also worrying about how I'm going to keep it up without having C25K to follow.

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You only have 3 more runs before you graduate. Just think back to where you were when you started, you are so close now dont give up, and just think of your graduation badge when you finish. We are waiting for the new B210K which is due out very soon , so you will have that as your motivation in the future but as for now concentrate on finishing C25K, it is really worth it. Keep going, you will be fine. :)


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