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Treadmill v Outside

I Completed the program running outside, one of the ladies i work with has decided to give it a go so we have gone to the gym after work

Oh my its hard work. Our work gym is upstairs has no windows or air conditioning and is extremely hot.

My friend has completed week 1 run 2 today so another runner in the making, the advantage she has is she can run at a nice slow even pace, albeit very hot.

Me i prefer running outside, in all weathers, even on hot days there is a breeze coming off the sea.

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No windows or aircon sounds nasty. The treadmills at the local council run gym I go to have built in fans, as well as the air con. I still get too hot !

It took me a while to find the courage to run outside but, like you, I much prefer it, whatever the weather.


Aye, I use to go to the gym for running mainly and it was nice, thankfully they had windows and air con, but nothing beats running outside :D I think it makes the run go so much faster as well :D Hope your friend carrys on to complete!


Running outside is my preference. You can distract yourself looking at the nice houses or the passers by, I find it helps to make the run go quicker. Surely a treadmill is boring?


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