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When does it get easier?!!

I did my week 8 run 2 this morning - my legs just feel like lead at the moment, they ached before I even got on the treadmill. Somehow managed the 28 min run and am hoping they will feel stronger again for the third run this week.

I was wondering if I should stretch more? They ache all down the front of my thighs - anyone else had this problem?

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I'm wondering if you are hydrating sufficiently....? Not that you are "dry" enough to have cramping in your legs, but just enough that it is affecting your muscles. I know from my experience, that if I'm not drinking enough water, it WILL affect my running...tired, sore, leaden legs. I sip water all day, every day.

While not necessarily as quick to affect me, I know I have to keep my potassium levels up also... ....I try to eat a banana frequently, but there are lots of sources to choose from.

And there is always the "it's just been a lot of WORK last few weeks" effect. You're legs are tired. You may want to consider taking an extra rest day. I know, I know....week 8, run 2...only 4 more runs to graduation.

Good luck and good (strong) running.


Thanks for that grammadog - actually when I was running this morning I realised I hadn't drunk anything before the run - I didn't realise that it could have that effect on muscles though. How interesting - I will drink more water and see if it makes a difference, it's really hot here at the moment too so it could be a bit of dehydration. Just shows how much I need to learn! Thanks again x


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