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Think I now know my problem with not running on treadmill

I think my problem runningg outside is pace as I tried an experiment of guess how fast I am running with a garmin yesterday I thought 3.5 it said 5.2. I said now I will run at 4 mph my oh says but you are going over 6. I may get my own garmin and get the speed right then I think I will be able to do it. Are there any recommendations for very simple gadget to do speed distance and heart rate.

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I have a Garmin Forerunner 110, which lists a heart rate monitor as an accessory. Flashy site here...

I have had problems with my unit, none which I didn't eventually get sorted (they have an email help site for the hopelessly techie inept - that would be me). A cool upload site (Garmin Connect) gives you spiffy reports for each run, including toggling between pace and distance, lap tracking, etc. I don't care for their elevations...when you are over 1000 feet in elevation, your "mountains" look like "molehills"....and they tell me there is no way to "correct" it.

The display on the face of the watch while it is in timer mode gives you "current pace", "total distance" and something else which I apparently don't pay much attention to...o!..."overall time".

Good running to you, Glendam!


Another vote for the Garmin 110,

I love it!


I use my ipod fitness app, it's got Laura, speed, time and distance. What more could a girl want? :-) :-)


Find some music that matches your rhythm on the treadmill then use this as like a metronome when you are outside. There are websites that give you selected music based on your running beats per minute if you google it. You can throw in a song that makes you run a bit faster or slow you down a bit too.


is the treadmile set in mph but the garmin in kph?


Great idea pasty man I will look into that. You may be right about the harming but my oh converts it so they are the same. He says it gives him something to think about as he is running.


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