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Graduation Run....or lack thereof!!!!!

The Race for Life at Knowsley Hall tonight was supposed to be my garduation run. But, guess what ladies and gents, it was cancelled due to the autumn kicking in with a vengeance 3 months early in this country of ours!!!!!!!

Gutted to say the least!

Now I'm on a hen weekend until Sunday, so unless I take my running stuff with me, I'm now not going to graduate until next monday/tuesday :-( ........... (in fact, I'm thinking the alcohol may make the 30 mins pass much quicker, so I may just try a run along Bournemouth beach ;-) )

Anyway, in true brit style.....mustn't grumble :-P


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Not a good feeling that you are on 'hold' on the brink of graduation. But Bournemouth sounds like a it would have some good runnng routes ... good luck!


That must be gutting, I love Bournemouth, it should be good for your graduation run good luck


Thanks all. Definintely gutted, but if anyone can send me some good running routes in the area. I'm staying around Ferndown (??) I believe


Good luck ! I managed a pretty good early morning run after a boozy school reunion so it can be done if you're in the right state of mind. Plan ahead - when are you going to run, how long beforehand do you need to eat ? Get everything ready before your night out.

Do you log your runs with a phone app or with Garmin - if so, you might be able to find routes on their websites.

Good luck - it might just be a way of making your graduation run really special.


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